Works in progress


Glassbreaker Films supports women in the filmmaking process. Work in Progress (WIP) funding gives filmmakers the ability to produce a piece that provides a look at the story, characters and style of a proposed nonfiction film.

Glassbreaker Films WIP grants provide up to $10,000 to women documentary filmmakers who have a unique story to tell, and are ready to create a WIP that will showcase their storytelling ability to secure financial support for full production.

As part of the grant, Glassbreaker Films supports our grantees with professional guidance opportunities.

You can apply if you own the copyright of your production and maintain editorial control of your story and you are a citizen or legal resident of the U.S. or its external territories age 18 or older.



We support and encourage women filmmakers to produce stories about issues that impact women in the United States.



  • Broadcast or impactful digital potential through suitability of subject matter and compelling storytelling

  • Relevance to a broad audience

  • The capacity to finish the project through realistic attention to the schedule and budget.

  • Previous film or television production experience in a principal production role as director, co-director, producer or co-producer.

Applications for this grant closed January 31, 2018.