Introducing Glassbreakers—Our New Film Series now on Glamour


For International Women's Day, we partnered with Glamour and The Center for Investigative Reporting to release a series of short films that feature portraits of a diverse, powerful group of women making their mark.

This series was led by current Program Director, Aubrey Aden-Buie, through our partnership at CIR. The stories cover a range of incredible women—from a police officer fighting racism within her own department, to a politician touted as the next Democratic nominee for president of the United States, to a 65-year old kitesurfer, and a woman fighting for your online security. They were directed, shot and edited by Aden-Buie, Olivia Loomis Merrion, Emily Harger and Debora Souza Silva, under Executive Producer Amanda Pike, with the help of coordinating producer, Rachel de Leon and intern, Julia Katter. 

Check out the series on Glamour now!

Glassbreaker Films