Heroin(e) Premieres on Netflix!

From Forbes:

"For a city its size, Huntington, West Virginia, has a surprising number of superlatives to its name -- none of them positive. For years, it has been called the most obese city in the United States, with roughly 40 percent of its population of 50,000 qualifying for that dubious distinction. In 2008, the CDC called Huntington America's unhealthiest city.

Now, according to Heroin(e), a new documentary released this week on Netflix, it is also the overdose capital of the country. The film reports that in 2015, Huntington saw 10 times the national average of opioid overdoses, with as many as 26 in a single day. The average, says Huntington Fire Chief Jan Rader, hovers around five to seven."

Aubrey Aden-Buie