A film by Emily Harger and Olivia Merrion

In 2013, Robyn Allen received a 20-year sentence for trafficking in illegal drugs. She says she sold methamphetamine to support her family after a back injury left her without work. But the reasons Allen started using the drug run much deeper.

In spite of taking measures to reduce its long-standing record as the No. 1 incarcerator of women in the country, Oklahoma keeps locking up women at more than twice the national average. Oklahoma incarcerates 151 out of every 100,000 women, often given harsh sentences for nonviolent drug crimes. This has taken its toll on several generations of women in the state.

Before Prison received a Vimeo Staff Pick in November 2017, and was featured on The Atlantic Selects.

This Glassbreaker Films short doc was produced by The Center for Investigative Reporting.  It is part of the series "The Aftermath."  To view the full series, please visit:


Director/Producer: Emily Harger
Director/Producer: Olivia Merrion
Reporter: Allison Herrera
Senior Editor: Ziva Branstetter
Lead Sound Engineer: Jim Briggs
Coordinating Producer: Rachel De Leon
Senior Producer: Aubrey Aden-Buie
Executive Producer: Amanda Pike
Editor in Chief: Amy Pyle