A Divided Road


A film by Debora Souza Silva

Shortly after President Donald Trump’s election, two friends, Lauren and Martina, decided to provide free legal aid to people living in the country without permission. They left their home in New York and traveled across the country by van to meet people in need of help. Lauren is an immigration lawyer and Martina is an immigrant from Mexico. In just a few months, they traveled to 12 states and estimated they advised nearly 200 immigrants on a shoestring budget.

This Glassbreaker Films short doc was produced by The Center for Investigative Reporting. It is part of "The Divided," a video series that explores the hopes, fears and actions that followed the 2016 presidential election.  To view the full series, please visit:  revealnews.org/thedivided


Director/Producer: Débora Silva
Second Camera: Shaena Mallett
Coordinating Producer: Rachel de Leon
Senior Producer: Aubrey Aden-Buie
Executive Producer: Amanda Pike
Editor in Chief: Amy Pyle
Featured Music: Sky-Pony - Say You Love Me Like You Mean It